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Bleu Mask is an easy-to-use protective device (Bluetooth Mask)

that allows you to reach all your students

simultaneously, both in-class and at-home.

With Bleu Mask, virtual students can hear you

clearly from anywhere in the classroom, so you

can speak in your normal voice and teach all.

Created by Angela Rinaldi, an Assistive Technology

specialist and special education teacher in CT.


Bleu Mask is Bluetooth-enabled for simple computer

pairing, and perfect sound, up to 30 feet away.

Two washable masks come with every order. The battery lasts six

hours, comes with a USB cable and takes 1.5 hours to charge.

A Connecticut public school elementary school

teacher said, "Bleu Mask gave the opportunity for

my kids at home and at school to participate, while

having my full attention. I don’t need to be glued to

the computer because I can teach from anywhere in

the room. It makes this crazy year of teaching seems 

somewhat normal and easy!"

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